What is SEM or MHQ?

A Multinational Corporation Headquarters (MHQ) or SEM (by its acronym in Spanish) is an office that has management control in the region and from Panama, which provides services to its Head Office, Subsidiary or Branch in other countries around the world. These may operate as a foreign company registered in Panama or as a Panamanian company owned by the transnational company.    


The Republic of Panama has basically service economy, so it is necessary to take advantage of globalization and global structures to create new alternatives that help the development of our country, thus being a ideal place for multinational companies, its employees and Panama as well.

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Companies Signed by SEM

Special Investment Regimes

Only Panama has so many advantages:  a dynamic and growing economy; unparalleled connectivity; secure environment and the advantages of a special regime for foreign investment with large migration; besides a labour and tax incentives;  as well as many others advantages.

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