A Regional Headquarters is an office that has management control in the region and from Panama, provides services to its Head Office, Subsidiary or Subsidiary in other countries.     These may operate as a foreign company registered in Panama or as a Panamanian company owned by the transnational company.

The Republic of Panama has a basically service economy, so it is necessary to take advantage of globalization and global structures to create new alternatives that help the development of our country.

Our geographical position, located in the center of the American continent, with access by land, sea and air, with a tropical climate all year round, free of natural disasters, with an open service economy, trained human resources, the use of the dollar as legal currency, the international financial center, the world class communications platform and economic, political and social stability, make Panama the ideal destination to establish Regional Headquarters or Headquarters of Multinational Companies.

    However, it was necessary to have a Law to specify the conditions for our country to become a destination for Multinational Company Headquarters, which will undoubtedly help the national economy through capital investment, consumption of local goods and services. , the generation of jobs and the transfer of technology and knowledge. Although all these fiscal and migratory incentives that this type of companies already existed, compiling them in a single legal framework makes it possible to enact much more investment and the transfer of knowledge and technology to our country.

    The Panamanian government approved a new law that supports the development of this important sector, through the creation of a Single Window to grant Multinational Company Headquarters Licenses.

     Law No. 41 of August 24, 2007


        By means of which a special regime is created for the establishment and operation of Headquarters of Multinational Companies and the COMMISSION OF LICENSES OF HEADQUARTERS OF MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES AND DICTATES OTHER PROVISIONS. Law No. 41 of 2007 defines an SEM company as: that multinational company that from Panama carries out operations aimed at offering the services defined in this Law to its Head Office or its subsidiary companies or its subsidiaries or associated companies, or that establishes its Head Office in Panama, hereinafter Business Group. The Venues will always be part of multinational companies with international or regional operations or important in their country of origin.