Frequently Asked Questions

1). What is a Multinational Company?

According to the law, a Multinational is a legal entity that having its Main Office in a country, develops important productive, commercial, financial activities and services in diverse countries. The companies will be considered multinational even if they operate solely in certain country, but have important operations in different regions inside that country and decide to establish a branch, affiliate, subsidiary or associated company in Panama to carry out transactions in the region.

2). Can a MHQ offer services to companies that are not part of their economic or corporate group?

The law allows MHQ to offer technical assistance services (consulting and/or training) for the customers of the economic or corporate group, whenever these clients have acquired products or services from the economic or corporate group.

3).For how long is the MHQ License granted?

The MHQ License is granted indefinitely, as long as the holder of the License does not incur in any of the infractions established in the Regulation of the Law. The Commission will be able to impose fines up to the cancellation of the License.

"Si la Comisión necesita más información puede tardar un poco más del tiempo antes mencionado."

4).How long does it take to obtain the MHQ License?

After submitting all the documents required by the MHQ License Commission the procedures should take approximately 10 to 15 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

"If the Commission needs more information it is possible that they will be delayed and they will take more of the time mentioned."